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Revisiting Discarded Post-it Poetry: An Idea That Sticks

My friend, sob, and I recently reconnected over Instagram (hey, find me @melissakandel!) and it made me want to repost this interview I did with him several months ago. I publish this not only to celebrate our Insta-friendship but also in commemoration of his most recent milestone, hitting 20k followers! Enjoy! We met in the most unexpected way. And while I guess …

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A Travel Blogger on Love & Life Beyond the Cubicle

Ah the open road, the snaking mountain pass, the cloud-dappled blue sky as gleaned from an airplane window. Sights and sounds familiar to some, feared by others, craved by the providential, perpetually windblown few who have committed their lives to travel.  Emilie Drishinski is one such full-time adventure blogger, an avid student of the world and all its marvels, trotting the globe …

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Robby Hayes is a Bachelor in Paradise

“Hey, can I call you back? I’ve got to use Google Maps and figure out where I’m going.” “Sure,” I said, nodding even though obviously the voice on the other end couldn’t see. As a New York transplant to Southern California, I understood how navigating Los Angeles could easily become an epic Game of Thrones-like conquest of overflowing freeways for …

Chase McNary Talks About How It’s Actually Not Too Late to Get Your Summer Bod

Oh, elusive summer bod. You’re like the physiological personification of Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch … shifty, unpredictable and super hard to find, whether traveling on broomstick or otherwise.  Who else thinks it’s a longstanding workplace conspiracy that every late-spring office party features cream-filled donuts and rainbow-sprinkled cake? That sugary stuff is seriously hard to resist when 3 p.m. hits and you’re about to …

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Here’s to Those Who Wander

“Not all those who wander are lost,” has become something of an overused axiom haphazardly slapped across Instagram memes and Twitter profiles, deployed by some as an excuse to pursue absentmindedness and misdirection. For others, the phrase— plucked from J.R.R. Tolkien’s famed The Lord of the Rings poem, “All That is Gold Does not Glitter”—is a clear rallying cry to traipse …


Clothing by OWL Is Here for the Right Reasons

There’s nothing wrong with being basic. Yeah, you might buy hand-sewn day planners on Etsy, dress your tiny dog in seasonally appropriate attire, take selfies with the pig-eared Snapchat filter because your eyes look awesome then caption the pic something self-effacing like, “Can’t believe it’s raining today. #Haircut.”  So what? And yes, you probably drink an entire glass … err, …


Brunch Boys’ Founder Jeremy Jacobowitz Heats Up the Foodie World

When you get right down to it, there are really only two kinds of people in this world: those who brunch and those who do not. I don’t mean to generalize here but generally, Non-Brunchers are pretty easy to spot in a crowd. They’re the ones who take 17 different spin classes before noon on a Saturday, wear ripped, graphic tees …


EB Winery: From Backyard Hobby to Boutique Brand

I saw the brochure before I sipped the wine. It was a thin and narrow thing, glossy, with a dark, black background and it sat inconspicuously on the edge of the EB Winery booth at the California Wine Festival in Dana Point, CA. A few words, printed with clean font along the bottom-left corner, read: “Follow our dream at ebwinery.com.” Maybe it was …


Brian A. Bernhard Goes Down the Rabbit Hole to Embrace the Weird

Pictured: Bernhard, Brian A. Without Limits Mural. A variety of paint media on concrete wall, 11’ X 15′. It started with a tweet—him to me, me to him? Something in between? Who knows!—and ended with this: An exchange of ideas by two people who’ve never met before. But sometimes you just connect with someone across the strange expanse of Internet …


jenn gietzen: #artistgoals

[image c. kathryn mccrary photography] jenn gietzen is about to become your new insta-bestie faster than you can say “taco tuesday with free sangria.” she’s the founder/artist behind write on! design, a full-service design studio in atlanta that churns out seriously awesome stuff. jenn has a self-proclaimed passion for hugging tightly and laughing loudly, and when she was little, wanted to grow up …