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Oh, elusive summer bod. You’re like the physiological personification of Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch … shifty, unpredictable and super hard to find, whether traveling on broomstick or otherwise. 

Who else thinks it’s a longstanding workplace conspiracy that every late-spring office party features cream-filled donuts and rainbow-sprinkled cake? That sugary stuff is seriously hard to resist when 3 p.m. hits and you’re about to enter the dark coffers of a two-hour conference call, an hour of which consists of waxing poetic about the weather in various parts of the United States.   

“Is it really chilly in Chicago?” 

“I hear it’s raining in Seattle …”  

“How’s the Miami heat?”

Summer bod, you don’t stand a chance. 

Except maybe you do because plot twist! I’m here to say there’s still hope, even at the very precipice of August. Like bad first dates and a disappointing new menu at your favorite taco Tuesday spot, most things are subject to change. With a little work in the gym and a few subtle alterations of diet, a summer body you’ll be proud of is absolutely within reach. (Although author’s note: If you don’t feel like changing a thing, that’s fine, too, and I say keep on keepin’ on with your bad, beautiful self. But if you do …)

I’ve enlisted LeisureLetics Co-founder Chase McNary—also of ABC’s The Bachelorette fame—who divulges his most wildly effective health and wellness tips. This way, you can catch that Golden Snitch of summer-body perfection after all, even if you’re starting to play the fitness game riiiight now.

MELISSA: OK, let’s say I’m just returning to my gym routine after a few months of uh, winter hibernation. What do you recommend for my first time back at the gymnasium? Cardio? Weights? Some combination of both?
CHASE:  I would suggest getting your lungs back and building up your stamina.  This means head to the treadmill and start pushing your comfort zones.
Speaking of cardio … I know it’s an essential component to any successful fitness plan and also that it can be kind of a bore. What kind of music helps you pass the time while you tread?
When trying to go for a lengthy amount of time on the treadmill I actually like to fall in to a dance rhythmic playlist on Spotify, something that will give me the same cadence as my running.
Let’s talk about meal prep. What does a typical Sunday night look like for you as you get ready for the week ahead?
Sundays start with a Costco run and I buy mostly protein and veggies. I like to keep things simple. I’ll have an egg quiche for breakfast, ground turkey and chicken for lunch and dinners. I also eat all sorts of fruits and veggies with my meals; quinoa and rice are my go-tos for carbs.
And what about snacks? Can you name a few healthy but satisfying eats that won’t throw a diet into junk-food turmoil?
Apples with peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks. Hard-boiled eggs with some Tapatío sauce hits the spot. Or, find yourself a good protein mix and make a shake … except check the ingredients first to make sure it’s healthy and stay away from milk and sugar.
We all mess up. You’re out way too late and three dirty martinis into Saturday night, you convince yourself pizza calories ingested after 2 A.M. don’t count. (Yep, they do.) What’s your advice for hopping back on the fitness train after a minor derailment?
Everyone needs to enjoy a cheat meal occasionally. If you can battle the hangover and get a workout in, I suggest get right to sweating out everything you consumed the night before. Oh and lots and lots of water will help push all the toxins out.
Wellness seems to be as much about a mindset as it is about getting those sets in at the gym. How do you motivate yourselves to make the changes necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 
I always like to have a well-planned workout when I’m headed to the gym. And the biggest thing is to not stop when you’re tired but stop when you’re done.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of finishing a workout but the people who can consistently finish every workout are the ones who will see results.
True or false: Wearing a breathable, high-quality and stylish gym outfit exponentially increases your chances of a great workout. 
True. Put that in the “look good, feel good, play good” section. I always have the best workouts when I feel confident in my outfit.
Originally posted on LeisureLetics’ The LL Studio.

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