Artist Brett Reif Finds The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Pictured: Mustard Kink // Brett Reif, 2016 Let me say this: Brett Reif is not just a Kansas City-based artist specializing in non-traditional wall work, sculpture and installation, as one might discern from a quick perusal of his biography. He’s a veritable modern-day artistic philosopher, wielding wisdom as he welds and shapes his characteristically evocative work. Or perhaps his work …


We Believe Wines Bottle Faith, Family and Freedom

It was a curious place to meet. Not because the place itself was curious—an old, Irish bar in Newport Beach that appeared just as deeply green, darkly wooded and Celtic-ly spirited as you’d expect—but because the topic at hand was so very American, it felt almost unpatriotic to be discussing it at a pub with painted leprechauns on the wall. …


Featured Friday: Visual Strands

At the intersection of inspiration and art, there’s Visual Strands, a Netherlands-based magazine founded by graphic designer, Yvonne de Jonge. I love the story of Yvonne’s journey to launching her mag (check that out here) and was more than happy to chat with her about little word studio. No surprise, our dialogue flailed wildly across the map, going from abstract expressionism to …

Portrait of a girl in a fairy dress next to a reindeer
Beautiful blonde girl in a pink dress on a long evolving nature background

Featured Friday: Whim Magazine

Keep writing. The more you write, the easier it’ll become to take an idea you have in your head and, with a whole lot of heart, craft it into something you can send out into the world … Browse the digital pages of Whim Magazine and you’ll find an ethereal collection of photos that appear as if taken mid-dream. It was an …

Featured Friday: Slasher Mag

Like James Dean in a perfectly worn leather jacket, Slasher Mag defines cool. The online publication has a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to describe but, with a quick glance at some recent Slasher posts, easy to understand. (Bonus: Editor-In-Chief Elodie Parthenay’s Instagram gives the most seriously chic vibes.) So, when Slasher published my article about the art of blogging, I …


Featured Friday: Juliet Meeks Design

I had the pleasure of meeting designer Juliet Meeks at a cozy little place called Instagram. Juliet runs a series on her design-inspired – and visually stunning! – blog called “Creative Convos,” featuring one artist, copywriter, graphic designer and now … this writer. I was thrilled to answer Juliet’s questions about how I got started with little word studio and what my plans are …


Featured Friday: Citizen Brooklyn

Today, I’ve got New York on my mind, so Featured Friday is all about Citizen Brooklyn. This team of creative minds not only encourages creativity through their magazine … but they also celebrate it, highlighting the story of the author or artist just as much as what that person happens to create. It’s a Brooklyn-esque attitude of artistic progression and cultural innovation and …

inverse fab friday

Featured Friday: Girl Friday Paper Arts

In all the months since I started this blog – ten if you’re counting – the one thing that’s surprised me most is how supportive and encouraging the creative community can be. Take Lotus, for instance, the innovative designer behind Girl Friday Paper Arts. When we first spoke about a potential Q&A, she told me to keep my answers casual (“pretend we’re …

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.43.05 AM

Featured Friday: The Unexpected Type

Well hello, Friday. In honor of this beautiful day of the week, I’m starting a new series called “Featured Friday.” Each Friday, I’ll be featuring one blogger/collaborator/publication that has shown little word studio some love. It’s been humbling (and incredible) to see the warm reception of my stories and it only seems fair to put some of that love back into …