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“Hey, can I call you back? I’ve got to use Google Maps and figure out where I’m going.”

“Sure,” I said, nodding even though obviously the voice on the other end couldn’t see.
As a New York transplant to Southern California, I understood how navigating Los Angeles could easily become an epic Game of Thrones-like conquest of overflowing freeways for anyone who wasn’t accustomed to its concrete terrain.
Minutes later the call resumed and I was again talking with Robby Hayes, contestant on The Bachelorette Season 12 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, partner at LeisureLetics and since April 2017 when he headed west from Denver, newly minted resident of Los Angeles.
“At first I was skeptical about the traffic and lifestyle here,” he explained, referring to Venice Beach where he now lives with several friends, including Chase McNary, LeisureLetics partner and Left Side Lion Fitness founder.  “After four months, I really love the whole vibe of waking up every morning and working out on the beach. You just can’t beat it.”
For those seeking to duplicate Robby’s SoCal regimen, try running for 45 minutes back and forth on a beach, walking across the sand holding dumb bells—Robby uses 25-lb. weights but adjust the amount accordingly—and alternating sets of push-ups and crunches. And if you don’t have an outdoor gym … or a sprawling coastal landscape to sweat across, you can always live vicariously through Robby’s Instagram, which is a double-tapping gold mine of work-out inspo, beachy vibes and sharply crafted puns. (“I use CapGenius all the time for my captions!” Robby told me.)


Well beyond daily access to the Muscle Beach outdoor gym and photo-ops against the palm treed, ocean-glittering Venice scene, a large part of Robby’s move was motivated by LeisureLetics. Robby describes the high-end, athletic-wear company as his “main focus” once he found himself in the City of Angels.
He’s also a familiar face on Hollywood red carpets, and those appearances are about to ramp up as the newest season of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off on ABC August 14. In mid-June, on-set controversy caused production of the show to be suspended—some thought indefinitely—but weeks later, the cameras rolled once more and soon, America will be able to watch Hayes and the rest of the cast find tropical romance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


“None of us thought it was happening but I’m glad we were able to fly back out because it was a great experience,” Robby explained. “It’s going to be fun to watch.”

But before the cast can enjoy mojitos and margaritas beachside, The Bachelorette Season 13 must conclude in true most-dramatic-season-ever fashion. As a final-two contestant vying for JoJo Fletcher’s love, Robby has plenty of experience with will-they-or-won’t-they stress … and that fan-favorite moment when the fantasy suite card is revealed.

Robby Hayes and JoJo Fletcher on Season 12 of The Bachelorette //

“I remember most vividly the fantasy suite but not for the typical reasons,” he said, referring to his overnight date with JoJo in Thailand. “That’s when how well you think you know the person in the lead role doubles overnight because you get to spend so much good alone time without cameras where you can talk about anything that’s on your mind.”
But every rose has its thorn and some thorns have a rose, (or something like that) and perhaps this season of Bachelor in Paradise will see love bloom for Robby. At the very least, it’ll be endlessly entertaining, a wild, intense romantic ride that if given the choice, Robby said he would “do all over again.”
[Originally posted on LeisureLetics’ The LL Studio]

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