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Like James Dean in a perfectly worn leather jacket, Slasher Mag defines cool. The online publication has a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to describe but, with a quick glance at some recent Slasher posts, easy to understand. (Bonus: Editor-In-Chief Elodie Parthenay’s Instagram gives the most seriously chic vibes.) So, when Slasher published my article about the art of blogging, I felt kind of, well … cool.

Words Art and Coffee: My Survival Guide to Blogging 

A question (or two): What does it take to live like the effortlessly cool blogger? How can one become an elusive creature of hashtags and happiness, often spotted inside little corner cafés, click-clicking away at a keyboard, foam-swirled cappuccino in hand? Asking for a friend …
Well, fine. A few months ago, I was asking for me because I was determined to discover how I might be able to join the ranks of these fearless word warriors who exist in a bubble made from weekend vibes, perfectly desaturated Instagram photos and all things on fleek.
I should confess, I’m still not sure. But through trial and error, failure and triumph, I’ve gotten closer to what might best be called understanding. Last October, I launched my blog, little word studio, and in an effort to help anyone looking for their own blogger inspo, here’s what I’ve learned
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