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WRDSMTH: A Conversation With The Street Art Scribe

Posted by melissa kandel on July 7, 2016 in art | 4 Comments

Good writers aspire to greatness. Great writers aspire to instill greatness upon others. Such is the case with Los Angeles-based street artist WRDSMTH, whose work can be seen everywhere from electrical boxes in Venice, CA to the cobbled walkways of Shoreditch, London. A Robin Hood of painted prose, WRDSMTH steals from his rich imagination and gives […]

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10 Chefs to Follow … To the Ends of the Earth

Posted by melissa kandel on July 6, 2016 in food | 1 Comment

The foodie world is so large and yet, thanks to Instagram, so very small. Scottish langoustines can be seen from Prague to Oklahoma; a Tuscan heirloom tomato’s swirling reddish colors can be viewed by epicurean eyes in France. Or Switzerland. Or Thailand. Or from Aunt Edna’s basement where you’re currently sleeping on a half-tattered couch because rent is […]

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10 Street Artists To Follow … To The Ends Of The Earth

Posted by melissa kandel on June 26, 2016 in art | 2 Comments

No longer is street art performed under the cloak of darkness, spray paint in hand, by talented artists whose work isn’t just revolutionary, it’s downright illegal. These days, cities commission street artists to brighten up buildings and parks with their creations and the result, the official crosswalk of art and public space, is mind-blowingly incredible. But please, don’t just […]

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This is Meryl Streep’s Best (Sushi) Role Yet

Posted by melissa kandel on May 21, 2016 in art, food, Instagram | 1 Comment

[Photo Credit: @TasteOfStreep] It’s Friday night and I’m bored. Let’s run away together to a world of adventure, where popcorn and cupcakes are basic food groups and Meryl Streep luxuriating inside a tall glass of pink lemonade is considered art. Oh wait, that last one’s already a thing. I refer, (but of course!) to Taste of […]

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Celebs on Sandwiches: Why Fame and French Bread May Be Hollywood’s New ‘It’ Couple

Posted by melissa kandel on May 12, 2016 in art, Hollywood, Instagram | 2 Comments

[Photo Credit: @CelebsOnSandwiches] The greatest thing about Instagram sensation, Celebs on Sandwiches, isn’t its beautifully sketched renderings of celebrities. Or its sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, a drawing of Drew Barrymore posing atop a grilled mac ‘n’ cheese or Taylor Swift sitting on a fried chicken sandwich like she’s in a Japanese jazz bar and it’s her baby grand piano is […]

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Coming Up Roses

Posted by melissa kandel on April 15, 2016 in fashion, Fiction | No Comments

“You’re on in five,” said Benji, the entertainment manager of Sully & Co. Burger Bar in downtown Santa Barbara, who wore a silver ring on each of his long-nailed fingers and smelled of whiskey, cigarette smoke and sweat. Usually this was the time backstage when Lennie’s band—The Backward Compliments—would huddle up, Lennie would tap twice […]

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Sunshine Blues on a Rainy Day

Posted by melissa kandel on April 9, 2016 in nature, Photography | 2 Comments

It’s raining today in Newport Beach. And not a romantic, heavy downpour kind of rain but a slow, lazy drizzle that makes you want to stay inside with a cup of coffee and watch Food Network marathons all day while wearing your pajamas. Random example. But from what I hear, this squidish weather has stretched its […]

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Pizza Cat

Posted by melissa kandel on March 3, 2016 in Fiction | No Comments

The rumors are true. The Pizza Cat is real. How do I know, you might ask, skeptical gleam in your eye, that such a creature exists? Have I seen this mystical, mozzarellical thing and lived to tell the tale? Did I run into one, many moons ago, stumbling out from a bar in those precarious, […]

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The Art Director

Posted by melissa kandel on December 8, 2015 in Fiction | 4 Comments

It was late in the day, the light tinny and waxen, a final push of sunshine before darkness. But morning or midnight, the time mattered little to a broody art director named Simon; every molecule of air around the Sour Milk Gallery had been curdled with failure for weeks. He lit a cigarette and shuffled across […]

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A Morning with Mr. Moonshine

Posted by melissa kandel on October 3, 2015 in Fiction | No Comments

By Melissa Marni It was early morning in early fall. The world was dark, as it tended to be on autumn days such as this, newly unfolded and still smudgy from whatever was left of the night. A hum, low but gentle, rumbled not far behind Peter Luck, who was speedily making his way down […]

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