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[Photo Credit: @CelebsOnSandwiches] The greatest thing about Instagram sensation, Celebs on Sandwiches, isn’t its beautifully sketched renderings of celebrities. Or its sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, a drawing of Drew Barrymore posing atop a grilled mac ‘n’ cheese or Taylor Swift sitting on a fried chicken sandwich like she’s in a Japanese jazz bar and it’s her baby grand piano is amazing … probably perfect. Well, definitely perfect. But the true genius of the Insta-cult classic is how it all began.
As Celebs on Sandwiches legend has it, L.A.-based artist Jeff McCarthy was eating an Italian sandwich with his girlfriend, casually talking about Aziz Ansari’s absurd love of food (as most of us do over Italian subs) when the thought came to him that he should combine sandwich with celebrity. Just like that, the artistic muse appeared (perhaps this time covered in mustard, hold the mayo) and Celebs on Sandwiches was soon served to the world.
See? Incredible. Because everyone thinks up crazy ideas—last week I considered inventing the “Pay-Per-Poop,” a street-side dispenser of poop bags for dog owners—and most times, nothing becomes of them. (In my case, for good reason.) But Celebs on Sandwiches, an idea sprung from Italian food and Aziz Ansari’s appetite, now has more than 32,000 Instagram fans and has been covered in major media outlets from Mashable to Esquire.
Ah, Instagram. The digital land of opportunity!
While art critics might find some larger message in these brilliant pictures—something about society’s obsessive consumption of celebrity or an emerging sub-culture that rejects the notion of fame—I don’t care. These are gorgeous illustrations of my favorite A-list celebrities basking in sesame-seed bun and rye-toast glory … and that’s everything I need to know. Check it out:
[MELISSA MARNI is a Southern California-based writer and the founder of little word studio. You can follow her musings on Instagram here.]


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