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[Photo Credit: @TasteOfStreep] It’s Friday night and I’m bored. Let’s run away together to a world of adventure, where popcorn and cupcakes are basic food groups and Meryl Streep luxuriating inside a tall glass of pink lemonade is considered art. Oh wait, that last one’s already a thing.
I refer, (but of course!) to Taste of Streep, the food-Photoshopped-Meryl-Streep Instagram account to end all food-Photoshopped-Meryl-Streep Instagram accounts. The page is at once absurd and appetizing; its latest installation—”Merlot Streep”—has an exasperated Meryl smartly basking in a half-full glass of red wine, hand raised as if to say, “Enough, I win.” (Win at what, you ask? Everything. Meryl wins at everything.)
So, how did it come to pass that the greatest actress of our time should find herself between the meltiness of a grilled cheese sandwich or at the center of a sliced, red onion? We’d best start with Samantha Raye, an actor/graphic designer from Brooklyn, whose love of the illustrious thespian inspired her to create the account. Just five months ago, Raye placed the image of a pink-gowned Meryl (from the 1989 classic She-Devil), in the middle of a giant, strawberry-frosted doughnut, thus forever reserving her place in Instagram lore as the One with the Most Streep Cred.
‘From what I’ve seen in interviews, she has a killer sense of humor and a love of life,” Raye explained to New York Magazine’s The Cut about Streep. “No apologies for who she is, and honestly I think she seems unbelievably cool. Pair that with food, and you’ve got one stellar combo.”
Raye also told The Cut that Taste of Streep is an edible homage to Meryl’s philosophy on life, as articulated during her 2010 Critics’ Choice Awards acceptance speech for Best Actress. “I really love what I do,” Streep declared onstage. “I love acting and I love to work. And I love food and I love sex.”
Well, now it makes sense that a little Photoshop magic should garner almost 100,000 fans. Because the brilliance of Raye’s Streep art is found in its outrageous celebration of life’s sweetest indulgences: food, sex, love and Meryl, to name a few. And those are the very things which, in the recipe for happiness, we should take a bite out of every day … even if just for a taste.
[MELISSA MARNI is a Southern California-based writer and the founder of little word studio. You can follow her musings on Instagram here.]

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