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I mean, good for Netflix. Not only is the world’s biggest Internet television network killing it on the stock market, the company is also killin’ it with its marketing, too. This morning, Netflix sent out a faux-press release about “Netflix Pausing,” a distinct yet irrepressible phenomena that spikes each year on the night of Halloween, wherein viewers take a break from binge-watching “Stranger Things” in their pajamas to answer the door and dole out candy unto costumed people they probably don’t know. 
The release quotes Dr. Heathcliff Barr, chief candy officer in the Netflix candy and confections division, who explains with due fictitious charm: “More pauses mean more candy. It’s really that simple.”
On an unrelated note, the company won the Internet for a second time today by releasing the official “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” trailer, at once setting millions of Stars Hollow-longing hearts ablaze and making us all wish it could be Nov. 25 already. Nope, not even the promise of creepy clowns knockin’ at my door could make me pause this one. (OK that premise will never make me pause anything but still …)

Melissa Marni is a Southern California-based writer and the founder/president of little word studio, a creative content marketing and digital media agency. If you really want, you can follow little word studio on Instagram here.

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