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Dear Friends,
Today is kind of epic in the history of little word studio. Why? I published a book. Well, an eBook but it’s there on, alive and well, like a literary embryo floating amid the goop of the Interwebs, ready to breath its first baby-book breath into your tablet, iPhone, Android or Kindle reader.
The eBook is called Night Flight of the Sheep and Other Curious Little Tales and you can download it here. (By the way, Pedro De La Cruz, a Santa Barbara, CA-based artist painted the cover and it’s exactly what I imagined insomniac aliens who abduct sheep would look like.)
Anyway, without getting too gunky, I want to thank all of you for generously supporting me from day one. Thank you for checking out my stories each week, for commenting on my Instagram photos with your kind feedback, and really, for giving up your precious time to read my little words.
Now onward with our regularly scheduled programming …
Yours in words,


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