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Well hello, Friday. In honor of this beautiful day of the week, I’m starting a new series called “Featured Friday.” Each Friday, I’ll be featuring one blogger/collaborator/publication that has shown little word studio some love. It’s been humbling (and incredible) to see the warm reception of my stories and it only seems fair to put some of that love back into the world. Ready? First up, The Unexpected Type. I spoke with founder Sami Davis a few weeks ago and here are some highlights from our conversation … 
Sami: List 5 things people don’t know about you. 

  1. Once upon a time, I was a singer/songwriter in New York City. I think having that musical background helps me find the beat and rhythm in my writing.
  2. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d probably be a chef. I’ve seen more episodes of “Chopped” than I care to admit and sincerely believe that Ina Garten and I will become best friends one day then throw a lavish garden party in the Hamptons just because.
  3. I still take out books from the library. There’s something so satisfying about the sound of that crunchy plastic as you bend back the cover of a library book and begin a tale that might change your very way of thinking, knowing others just like you read this exact story … coffee stains on the pages and all … and it might have changed them, too.
  4. Speaking of reading, I’m a sucker for a brilliantly crafted, plot-twisting whodunit. I’ve read almost every single Agatha Christie novel and devoured The Complete Sherlock Holmes … twice.
  5.  I’m better at telling an imaginary story than my own.

Sami: What was your “Ah-ha!” moment that has made the biggest impact in your career?
Melissa: Early in the life of little word studio, I decided to skip posting a story one week and thought no one would mind. When Monday rolled around, I received this comment from a reader: “What happened to this week’s story? I have checked daily. Was looking forward to it.”
Those three sentences became my most “ah-ha!”-worthy moment yet because they made me realize my little words were making a difference. I haven’t skipped a week since.
Read the rest of my unexpected interview here.


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