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Lehrerboys: A Conversation on Creativity, Censorship and Just Getting It Done

My heart is officially broken, split in two between a pair of identical twins named Daniel and Jeremy Lehrer. Sigh. The boys, a duo better known as @lehrerboys on Instagram and Facebook, crank out cartoons that are so clever, you’ll instantaneously fall in love with their creations then wonder what life was like before their colorful comics galavanted […]

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Colorado Man Says He Is ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Recent Facebook Post

Posted by melissa kandel on July 27, 2016 in Untruth | 2 Comments

This article is part of a new weekly series, “Untruth Tuesdays,” in which I take something completely, absurdly untrue then write about it as if it weren’t. By Melissa Marni, Contributing staff reporter, The Colorado Bugler On Tuesday evening around nine, Marshall Fillchardo, owner of Kipp, CO-based bakery, Bread A Leg, took out his phone, looked up into […]

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Napa Valley Wineries: 10 to Follow

Posted by melissa kandel on July 25, 2016 in drink, food, wine | 1 Comment

The first time I visited Napa Valley was in a red Volvo convertible my older cousin drove from Oakland to Calistoga. I remember thinking at the time how there was a grand sense of adventure to the whole thing, an idea speedily forming in my mind with each passing mile that we were traveling someplace magical. […]

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Jeanne Yang: 10 Questions for Hollywood’s Ultimate Purveyor of Style

Posted by melissa kandel on July 22, 2016 in fashion | 1 Comment

Jeanne Yang is so much more than one of Hollywood’s reigning stylists. Yes, she’s suited up the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Keaton, Will Ferrell, Alexander Skarsgård and Jamie Dornan and yes, The Hollywood Reporter deemed her last year a top 25 Power Stylist. (OK, all that is undeniably cool …) But her […]

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The Girl On the Train Looks Like One Heck Of A Ride

Posted by melissa kandel on July 20, 2016 in Film, Hollywood | No Comments

To read Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is to take a lurid trip not only on a locomotive clacking its mundane way down the steel tracks of London but also to descend into the mind of a woman slipping earnestly toward madness. From a window seat on a commuter train to London, Rachel Watson, heartbroken […]

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How To Do Newport Beach Like A Local

I’m not from Southern California. I can’t drop the word “stoked” into casual conversation or explain where the confusing web of freeways might get you if you took the 10 to the 91 to the 73. (Can someone just name these roads and be done with it?) Truth is, I’m just a girl from New York […]

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Ghostbusters Premiere: The Lady In Red

Posted by melissa kandel on July 14, 2016 in fashion, Film, Hollywood, In the News | 2 Comments

It ended with a red dress and began with a single tweet. What happened in the middle is open for interpretation. Here’s mine … Let me start off by saying fashion is a funny animal; at once irreverent, delicate, brash, sensitive and stylishly aloof. There are, without question, inexplicable contradictions inherent in the fashion industry though […]

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I’m Sick of Beer. Now What?

Posted by melissa kandel on July 11, 2016 in beer, drink, food | 1 Comment

A word from Melissa: This post is written by guest blogger, Lexi Tess. Let’s give a warm, little word studio welcome to Lexi and enjoy her guest post, where she postulates new articulations on the same old lagers and ales …  I’m sick of beer. Now what? Correction: You think you’re sick of beer. Maybe it brings […]

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10 Food Network Chefs to Follow … To The Ends Of The Earth

Posted by melissa kandel on July 9, 2016 in food, Instagram | No Comments

I watch Food Network like it’s my actual job. (Hey LinkedIn, is there not a Director of Judging Chopped Judges position out there somewhere for me?) Also, there may be slight truth to the rumor that while making basil-crusted yellowfin tuna, I’ve been known to describe the steps involved in concocting a perfect balsamic reduction sauce or explain just […]

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WRDSMTH: A Conversation With The Street Art Scribe

Posted by melissa kandel on July 7, 2016 in art | 4 Comments

Good writers aspire to greatness. Great writers aspire to instill greatness upon others. Such is the case with Los Angeles-based street artist WRDSMTH, whose work can be seen everywhere from electrical boxes in Venice, CA to the cobbled walkways of Shoreditch, London. A Robin Hood of painted prose, WRDSMTH steals from his rich imagination and gives […]

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