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When I moved into my house and saw the half-empty dining room, I didn’t see desolate space; I saw possibility. And I knew I could fill it with pieces from AllModern.

I’ve always had a problem with writing in bed, sending emails from the dinner table and trying to complete projects on the couch with Glee on “in the background.” Working remotely, even before the pandemic, has decently consumed my at-home-energy, leading to restless nights and unproductive days. Now, I have a designated space for my time on and the rest of my house for my time off.

For the rest of the corporate world, working from home has been considered a luxury. Earning a paycheck while drinking your brand of coffee immersed in the warmth of your mom’s chunky-knit blanket was a sought-after perk. These past few months, working from home went from a benefit to a necessity, and a lot of people were unprepared for the quick shift from an office to a home workspace.

Working with the resources available, I started with very warm neutrals. This room came with a lot of tawny wood from the flooring to the furniture, and I had some extra grey accent pieces scattered about my closets. To continue the warm, neutral palette, I tried to uphold a consistency with brown woods and grey fabrics including my IKEA desk and chair. For extra storage and seating I loved this bench from AllModern – Billi does too, as you can see.

For additional surface area, I picked these marble-topped side tables. They fit flawlessly into the neutral-wood theme and are the perfect places to rest my extra coffee mugs and my printer that is perpetually out of ink. Another AllModern success is this wood-accented wall mirror, opening the room and transitioning from office to gallery wall of scenes from our favorite national parks.

Other office additions that I love working beside every day are my plants, candles, salt lamp and little word studio swag (my favorite coffee mug, courtesy of Melissa). When Billi isn’t watching me from the bench or looking out the window for potential friends, her tower (and millions of toys not pictured) let her keep me company all day. I have tons of functional wall space to write notes, keep a fluid calendar and tack down important pages. My ring light (from Amazon) and Auburn score-board clock (from my dad) help brighten the room when I need some extra or malleable lighting.

Each piece I’ve added has a purpose. Whether it’s practical functionality with all my tools in a chair-roll’s distance or simply comfort and memories like my Architectural Digest collection, old baseballs and Kate Hickman Art prints. My office excites me to sit down and get to work every day; I hope yours does, too.

If you’re still struggling to get comfortable in your work-from-home situation, check out AllModern for chairs, desks, blankets, art and everything in-between to tie your room together. For tips on separating work from home while working from home, scroll through these articles on setting boundaries and creating healthy habits:
Thank you to AllModern for sponsoring this post. Happy working!

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  • Margaret says:

    Excellent article. Love the way special life things are incorporated into the modern furniture. The neutral palette is perfect for a calm work station.

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