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Well, yes. I am back to blogging, in case last week’s little holiday story didn’t tip you off to the (hopefully?) good news. So, here I am with more news. In the hiatus, I was still writing, and I wanted to share with you what that writing became, which is an 80-page magazine called West Oceanfront, filled with stories about food, travel, inspiring people, wine, and of course, my coastal town of Newport Beach. (The name pays homage to the boardwalk that runs for miles along the shore. If you stop and look up at the street signs that dot the way, they read: W. OCEANFRONT.)

In case you’re into magazine reading as much as I’m into magazine writing, I’m sharing the January 2019 inaugural issue of West Oceanfront with you today. You can read it on Issuu below, download the entire edition here or click through some of the pages, which I’ll conveniently post riiiiiight below. Any way you slice it, I hope you enjoy the little words. More to come. Many, many more to come. XO, Melissa

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  • Sara Flammang says:

    The articles are interesting, and well written (of course!) and varied enough that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. SO impressed that you could just create a magazine THIS GOOD! The layout and visuals are so eye catching that they add to the professionalism of the writing. I continue to be amazed by your talent my friend!!

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