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Adam Devine in “Goddamn Comedy Jam” // Photo Credit: Comedy Central

If there’s one thing comedians like more than making people laugh … it’s making people laugh while reaching the highest of high falsetto notes as they gloriously belt out their favorite power ballad. Or so says Comedy Central.
Today, the TV station announced a new weekly series, “The Comedy Jam,” based on a popular, one-time-only special of the same name that aired on the channel in August. The eight-episode show, which debuts in 2017, will be produced by Ugly Brother Studios and Tenth Planet and executive produced by Josh Adam Meyers, Mike and Tim Duffy and Joel Gallen, who will also direct.
“We have been working under the false impression that what comedians want most is to have television and digital platforms to further their comedy careers,” said Kent Alterman, president of Comedy Central. “It turns out they really just want to be rock stars.”
But “The Comedy Jam” wasn’t just a sudden epiphany of episodic brilliance by Alterman & Co. This peanut-butter-banana-jelly-jam sandwich of a series owes its heritage to one of the hottest concert tours in comedy today, “The Goddamn Comedy Jam.”
Created by Josh Adam Meyers (yes, the executive producer of its TV counterpart), “The Goddam Comedy Jam” sees stars like Jeff Ross singing Neil Young’s After The Goldrush and Will Forte rockin’ out in a questionably cut-off tee that could just be a case of rolled-up sleeves.
Either way, it’s without question that this magical, mystical, musical beauty of bad-ass hilarity will be transported to your television screen every goddam week.
If you simply cannot wait until 2017 for the series, I gotchu! Here are two memorable snippets from the August Comedy Central special that’ll hold you over like that 3 p.m. coffee on a sloooow Tuesday afternoon when time inside your gray, gray cubicle has seemingly been frozen into an unmoving waterfall of spreadsheets and emails from the I.T. guy about a computer system update you still haven’t completed. Blah.
Without further ado, check out Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine and SNL alum Pete Davidson doin’ their Comedy Jam thaaang …
(Well no, that sounded unnecessarily sexual. Sing. I meant watch them sing!)

Melissa Marni is a Southern California-based writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of little word studio. If you really want, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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