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Iron Chef Gauntlet is Coming to Food Network April 16

To be honest, Iron Chef America always seemed more like a bad ’80s Japanese action movie with zero gory fight scenes than it did a fiercely competitive cooking show but nevertheless, I’m pretty stoked for its Food Network return on April 16, 9 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by the incomparable Alton Brown, Iron Chef Gauntlet seeks to determine which of seven uber-famous culinary artists can …

10 Food Network Chefs to Follow … To The Ends Of The Earth

I watch Food Network like it’s my actual job. (Hey LinkedIn, is there not a Director of Judging Chopped Judges position out there somewhere for me?) Also, there may be slight truth to the rumor that while making basil-crusted yellowfin tuna, I’ve been known to describe the steps involved in concocting a perfect balsamic reduction sauce or explain just how finely one must chop the …