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By Heatherly Grace Shepherd
[I]n the spirit of breathing new life into a room (c/o AllModern), I’ve recently been re-thinking my own space. Though my childhood nickname was HGTV and I, for as long as I can remember, have had a deep infatuation with David Bromstad, I am not a designer in the slightest. I have had ample opportunity to express my latent passion for interior decorating in each of the many houses my military family has occupied. Also, apartment switches each year of college always meant a chance to redecorate anew. Still, I was never was able to turn my fantasies into livable, fantastic realities. So, with all the time at home quarantine has granted me, I have made it my mission to give my new place the best Property Brothers experience I can … starting with my bedroom.
AllModern offered me the opportunity to hunt through their site for my next perfect pieces. I went into this digital excavation with no preconceived mind-mood-boards, letting the energy of Joanna Gaines guide me on my quest. Since I’m creating this bedroom in a new-to-me home, I really had all avenues of palette and design available to me. As someone who lives in rigorous structure, options can and do overwhelm me – I’m not a big fan of making finite decisions. However, three specific articles caught my eye and stopped my online shopping in its tracks … the theme of Modern-Nordic-Zen-Glam was born.

I started with the big stuff – all black – for a simple color foundation to ground the room in notes of monochromatic simplicity. An ex-boyfriend used to base his color palettes off pictures he liked, and I still think that’s brilliant, so I used the same tactics looking through AllModern’s canvas and print sections. Oliver Gal provided some truly immaculate inspiration to continue the deluge of blacks, whites, pinks and reds with strokes of pastel florals and monochromatic textures. Although the house is a few decades old (evidenced by the stomp knockdown textured ceilings) I think the sleek, black furniture; the icy walls; the grey, velvet bedding; the plush, sheepskin rug; the simple, elegant plants scattered about my empty floorspace and the dim, flickering lavender-bergamot candles refresh this initially unprepossessing room …
… until the rest of those items are delivered from my prior occupancy 2,655 miles away, enjoy these pictures from phase-one of Hilary Farr-ing my bedroom with the beautiful AllModern pieces linked below.

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