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We are a small business but we want to support small businesses during this time. If you can, shop local. Order delivery from the restaurant down the block or if you’re able, pick up coffee from your neighborhood cafe, (many mark where to stand when waiting for an order and have hand sanitizers available when you pay). Take that Instagram live yoga class from an out-of-work trainer. Comment on your real estate agent’s post about a virtual walkthrough of a listing. Purchase that painting you’ve been eyeing by your favorite local artist. Buy products directly from a brand’s website and not through a third-party retailer that takes a cut of their margins.
Small businesses are the backbone of an entrepreneurial society, and owners are not guaranteed a paycheck; they rely on customers, followers and fans for their livelihoods, especially now. Shop local isn’t just an empty phrase; it’s the difference between closing shop and survival.
There’s also brand new page on the website – – that will be updated daily with free, downloadable resource guides (on topics like earning press, communications strategies, team communications, safety communications, etc.) as well as links to helpful blog posts and a Marketplace, which is a curated list of local shops to support small business owners during this time.
As always, the hotline is open (949) 903-9752 to text with your communications questions. We are in this together and together, we will seek solutions with solidarity and success.

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