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[P]ulling into the drive, lumbering through the door and around hallway corners, clambering up the stairs and flopping onto my bed is absolutely the best part of my day. With my calendar overflowing and commitments never-ending, the serenity of my mid-century modern bedroom à la AllModern is a welcomed escape.

A clean, simple home is the antidote to hectic days, but I sometimes struggle to figure out where to put all my things. Confession: I have way too much stuff. But mid-century modern fixes that—it’s the nexus of simple design and practical functionality. My storage is disguised as coordinating design elements; whicker baskets, bamboo racks, leather trays and metallic bowls. My furniture is clean and cozy with minimal decor to embellish the vast walls. Of course, I had to add plants for freshness and trinkets from my travels to breathe some extra life into the room. For the specific AllModern items in this article, refer back to our sneak-peek post. For some tips I kept in mind when styling this room, keep reading!

  1. Natural Colors – Whites, browns, greens and muted golds help to keep pieces timeless and spaces malleable. Nature will always be ubiquitous, making it the perfect muse.
  2. Empty Surfaces – One of my major downfalls when it comes to a photo-ready home is the clutter that always seems to conveniently find its way to flat surfaces, where it makes a semi-permanent home. I throw my papers down, toss the day’s uniform on my chair, and drop whatever else is in my hands straight to the floor. In this room, I’ve emphasized storage with a leather paper tray for any loose papers or folders, a white, cable-knit basket for the day’s uniform or any other clothes I’m not ready to hang up and little things like a dish for my phone, keys and wallet.
  3. Organic Lines – I’m drawn to unique architecture and unconventional pieces. However, too many eclectic design elements in one space can be overwhelming, especially in the room meant to calm you the most. The major furniture is very simple and geometric; the lamp in particular is a slim line with a deep curve, reminiscent of an orchid or a strand of lilyturf.
  4. Contrasting Textures – As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate coordination versus matching. Instead of having a monochromatic room made of wood and cotton blends, mid-century modern incorporates woods with different stains, metallics and leather, linens and fleeces with ceramics and clay potteries.

And the tips I share are advice I embrace, especially when the time spent in my mid-century modern room can be minimal at best.

Thursdays are the most exhausting days of the week. Starting Monday, I’m waking up before five every morning. I spend hours in front of my computer working on a variety of projects, each requiring a more intense focus than the last. I sit in musty classrooms, crumpled into anti-ergonomic chairs, breathing in the asbestos of a 165-year-old campus before sprinting through the woods with the Alabama heat ripping through my head-to-toe nylon uniform and the pounds of gear on my back weighing my steps down. Fun fact: the bug repellant fabric doesn’t repel the bugs that crawl. On top of my routine tasks, sprinkle in some orthopedic and physical therapy appointments for my never-ending knee saga (thank you, ski trip), a daily workout at the gym, navigating family situations, trying to get through homework projects and studying for exams, coordinating events and running organizations. I can’t think of the last time I went grocery shopping. When was the last time I slept? By the time I get home late Thursday nights, I’m absolutely beat. Once I finally throw my jacket onto the coat rack, hang my bags on their hooks, kick my boots into their basket and fall into my cashmere quilt, I enter the nothing-box of my brain and veg out as long as I can. Just the thought of relaxing in my bed releases major serotonin.
However you spend your time, whether that be sleeping, snacking, watching TikTok, knitting, writing or snuggling with your cat, AllModern has the perfect collection to create a clean and cozy mid-century modern haven that will serve you well throughout the years.

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