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Today I learned that there is actually an organization called The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and apparently it’s a really big deal in the world of golf and also the official authority on the sport’s origination. As the story goes, golf began way back in the 12th century when Scottish shepherds hit stones into rabbit holes with wooden sticks. (For some reason this makes me think of Galdalf hanging out on a cliff in Scotland bashing his staff into a hole in the ground and epically commanding a nearby rock that it shall not pass.)
But I digress.
I also learned today the one word that rhymes with golf.
Answer? Jordan Spieth.
I admit I’m no expert when it comes to all things on the links but every April I do tune into the Masters tournament at the idyllic Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia to see who gets to wear that ugly green jacket and stand next to other people also wearing ugly green jackets. Except this year the tourney has extra pizzazz because 22-year-old Spieth is going for his second ugly green jacket plus—bonus excitement!—if he wins, Spieth would beat all sorts of records set by none other than golf superstar, Tiger Woods.
So there’s that.
Yes, people are saying Spieth looks a little rusty with a sub-par (ha!) performance in Georgia but I say have you seen the current scoreboard? Spieth sits firmly at No. 1, so it’s looking like it’ll soon be green jacket time for the young pro. Seriously though, even if he doesn’t win he deserves the jacket. Anyone who can make the entire world watch a sport where you stand still and hit a ball into a hole with an iron club and then walk for a while to do it all over again should be given any color jacket he wants. But still, let’s hope Jordan Spieth’s is ugly and green.
UPDATE: Englishman Danny Willett won the 2016 Masters and nabbed the green jacket. Better luck in 2017, Spieth!
[MELISSA MARNI is a Southern California-based writer and the founder of little word studio. You can follow her musings on Instagram here.]

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