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I recently attempted to #KonMari my house to make it a more inviting, simple, joyful place. In reality, I have no actual idea how the method goes (full confession) but instead, just asked myself with every item: “Does it spark joy?”

If it did, it stayed. If it didn’t, it went into the back-alley garbage can behind my garage that sometimes smells like pickles. Here are five things I had surprisingly no trouble throwing away because as the years passed, they sparked no joy:

Old school reports, notebooks and papers.

I used to keep these (especially the ones where a professor had written a particularly meaningful comment and given me a good grade) as tangible mile markers for my previous academic success. Now, I can’t seem to find the joy in looking back at where my mind used to be and how that tumbled onto the written page. No joy, no sticking around.

Event memorabilia.

Much like my college and grad school notes, I used to save passes, ticket stubs and merch from concerts or events. It was a fun, little habit but in the end, they turned to pieces of paper and not the deeply profound, memory-laden things I thought they would. Gone.

Books. (Yikes.)

Why I keep books I’ve read (or never read) on the shelf, collecting both physical and metaphysical dust, I can’t say. If the book didn’t spark joy, if I’ll never read it or if it read it and couldn’t imagine turning its pages again, it was outta there.


Not much to say here. Some moments just deserve to stay in the un-joyful past.

Items of inspiration-turned-awry.

Yeah it seemed cool to take up badminton that one Wednesday in 2015 but my dreams of becoming a badminton professional never panned out, so why keep the evidence stuffed in my second-bedroom dresser?

Anyway, happy Saturday and all that. If you’re looking for something to do, consider a thorough clean out. It’s cleansing for your home … and mind.


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