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If there’s anything more awesome than watching a well-made and hilarious viral video, it’s watching a failed attempt at a well-made and hilarious viral video. (The end result is no less hilarious.) 

Today, Comedy Central’s fictional branding agency, Viralocity, released a new video starring Brooklyn Nets point guard, Jeremy Lin, and it’s a smart and self-deprecating take on a media genre dominated by puppies that do cute things and cute babies who also do cute things.

The clip opens with Lin, man bun trendily afixed atop his head, nixing ideas pitched by junior-type marketing executives for a video that would promote his “personal brand.” During the meeting, every concepts lobbed Lin’s way is pretty poorly researched and just as inane as you’d expect from a company glistening with corporate goop. And, like all good yes men, the Viralocity lackeys agree to Lin’s very first suggestion to create a hidden-camera style vignette wherein the basketball star would pop out from beneath a merch table set up outside Barclays Center to surprise (and delight) awaiting fans. 

 I won’t give away what happens next but I will say Comedy Central gets a major, New York-style fist bump for the part when one angry fan shouts, “You’re an asshole, Jeremy Lin!”  

“Don’t worry,” says the Viralocity exec to a worried Lin. “That just means we love you in Brooklyn.” 


Melissa Marni is a Southern California-based writer and the founder/editor-in-chief of little word studio. If you really want, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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