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Like Los Angeles and cocktails on a Sunday, I have a definitive love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Go to the gym, eat healthier, drink more water, be kinder to your friends and family … it’s always a somewhat banal collection of convictions, which if adhered to with any kind of seriousness would probably make us all skinny, dewy-skinned, boring humans.
Still, there’s a sweetness to fresh starts that cannot be denied, a latent expectancy that this will finally be the time we don’t mess up, when life gets happier, richer, more full of the what we should do’s and depleted of the excuses for a better tomorrow.
With this in mind, I made 10 resolutions for the new year and want to share them with you now. Will I stick to all 10? Maybe. Or maybe not. Who knows? The best part about New Year’s resolutions isn’t making them or even keeping them; it’s the intoxicating possibility that from here on out, everything could change.
My resolutions: 

  1. Practice healthy, thoughtful eating. Implement the same prudence and discretion with your finances.
  2. Always have a fun-loving, positive attitude. Remember people want to be around someone with good energy.
  3. See everything—yes everything—as an adventure.
  4. Work hard. Hustle. Accept success as an inevitability and not as a goal.
  5. When you do succeed, stay humble.
  6. Be classy. There’s a calmness and serenity in sophistication.
  7. Focus on the good. The bad will only drag and weigh you down.
  8. Be kind. Find wisdom in this ancient Buddhist saying: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

  9. Take care of your body just as you take care of your mind. Go outside, exercise, walk, swim, surf, do something physical at least once every day.
  10. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior without your consent. (Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt first said that.) The minute you submit to someone who can’t live up to your standards is the minute you give up all power and confidence in the amazing person you are.

So that’s my list! What resolutions are on yours? Share them in the comments below …

Melissa Kandel is a Southern California-based writer and the founder/president of little word studio. if you really want, you can follow little word studio on Instagram here.



  • Betty says:

    My resolutions are to say yes more often, and stretch my comfort zones.
    Nothing like losing a few loved ones who waited too long, and did not get the chance. to live life fully.

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