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Happy International Women’s Day. Here I am … a woman. I’m fortunate to be surrounded in my life by some pretty amazing women. They’re strong. They’re powerful. And most importantly, they exude genuine, symbiotic support for others, the type that can shine a warm light on the macabre shadows of failure as easily as it can illuminate someone else’s success. So, I’m taking today to honor these selfless women, who understand with a profundity unshakeable that celebrating another’s happiness is never an erosion of your own.

Melissa Kandel

10 Quotes for International Women’s Day

Here are 10 of my favorite quotes to inspire, awaken, move and shake …

“And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love, and in her courage, and her audacity to believe: No matter the shadows around her, light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive and it showed up in everything.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

“List of everyday acts of bravery: 1. Being a woman. 2. Giving a damn.”

– Cleo Wade

“She was a Queen

safe and unconquerable

in the wild

walled kingdoms

of herself.”

– Atticus

“Fear is not an option.”

– Diane von Furstenberg

“Everything is within reach if we fight for it with dignity.”

– Carolina Herrera

“Always be kind to everyone you meet however tired you are. It’s a golden currency and will be returned to you a thousand times over.”

– Ruth Chapman


so that one day

a hundred years from now

another sister will not have to

dry her tears wondering

where in history

she lost her voice.”

– Jasmin Kaur

“i stand

on the sacrifices

of a million women before me


what can I do

to make this mountain taller

so the women after me

can see farther.”

– Rupi Kaur

“I can’t think of a better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”

– Emma Stone

“She has been feeling it for a while now — that sense of awakening. There is a gentle rage simmering inside her, and it is getting stronger by the day. She will hold it close to her — she will nurture it and let it grow. She won’t let anyone take it away from her. It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places. She can feel it down to her very core — this is her time. She will not only climb mountains — she will move them too.”

– Lang Leav


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