A Terrible Day and a Tree

I’d rather not say how I came to know about Marcus’ terrible day or why I can detail the unsavory events that stuffed themselves inside of it. However, I will reveal this: I’m telling you about his terrible day now because the whole thing makes for an extraordinary story and whether you want to believe me or not, it’s also 100% fact.

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The Figaro

Of all the details to remember, her hands were still the clearest in his mind.

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night flight

Night Flight of the Sheep

“ … and, should the symptoms of sleeplessness persist, a patient may attempt any number of psychologically soothing exercises … lulling the mind to a more restful state of being … the most popular and effective of these called ‘counting sheep,’ wherein the patient, with eyes closed, begins enumerating sheep as if the beasts were standing there in the wooly flesh … one … two … three …”

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We met six months ago on the water. I run the whale watching tours in a small town whose name nobody outside of it can pronounce, which bumbles across sixteen acres of craggy land somewhere on the southern coast of Norway.

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Maxine from Ohio

The strangest things can lurk beneath the dark and in between. Like him. Or me.

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