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Sun’s Out, Buns Out: These Are the Pics Your Friends Will Be Posting This Weekend

OK, summer solstice, I understand technically you start June 21 and that the sun, as gleaned from our Northern half of the planet, has not yet reached its maximum axial tilt (thanks, Wikipedia!) but my iPhone weather app is all shiny sun emoticons and 80 degrees through the weekend, so summer it is.  Trust me […]

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Do Your Friends Really Like You?

Posted by melissa kandel on May 10, 2016 in In the News, social commentary | No Comments

It seems like the plot twist in a dystopian teen novel: You wake up one morning only to find out half your friends actually … aren’t. And though it may be stranger than fiction, this one is true, at least according to a new report from scientific journal, PLOS ONE. For the study, researchers delve into the common assumption […]

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