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We’ve all had those nights when our eyelids droop heavily, fingers sluggish across backlit keyboards and yet, work must get done, we must say awake. Except for most of us, these wakeful nights don’t include 2.9 million people ready to meme our very next word. Such was the fate of one sleep-deprived Bon Appétit editor who at 1 a.m. sent a tweet so ridiculous, it might actually be brilliant.

Of course, once sent, the internet was quick and feisty. And now, the very best reactions to this digital inanity, which to be honest is completely accurate because everyone knows organic avocados at Whole Foods are $16 million a piece:

The tweet has since been shrugged off with a “too much coffee last night” explanation but anything that can spawn such sharply crafted responses and also a mathematics-loving raccoon is probably no mistake.

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