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If you don’t have some blowout trip planned, three-day weekends can often feel like one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Turn to page six to go to the gym! Turn to page eighteen to get all your laundry done! Turn to page forty seven for a bottomless mimosa brunch with your booziest buddies!  (Editor’s Note: Page forty seven does not usually end well.)
So what’s a girl with infinite choices to do? Here are five unexpected (and totally feasible-on-the-whim) adventures you might want to try today:

Go to the library.

No, don’t re-read that line, you read it right the first time. Libraries, those ancient temples of bibliophilic beauty that often sit empty and cobwebbed, never to feel the gentle tread of human feet, can be quiet respites from our usual tech-frenetic lives. And while it may be closed on Monday, there’s no reason to stop by before Labor Day, pick up a good book, sit yourself down somewhere quiet and get lost in a world of words.

Walk to nowhere.

Oh trust me, I know all about those inspirational quotes saying it’s all about the journey and not the destination but banality aside, let me say how incredibly liberating it is to walk without knowing why—or where—you’re going. Alternate but related activity: Get in your car and drive without any destination in mind.

Draw, paint scribble, or do some combination of all three.

You don’t have to be the next Andy Warhol to take pen to sketchpad. And I don’t mean buying one of those adult coloring  books. Yes, they’re all the rage right now but how about we color outside the lines? Or better yet, create our own.

Get a haircut.

Boy or girl, man or woman … everyone feels like a new person with a super fresh ‘do. Plus, haircuts are awesome. You get to sit back and relax while being shampooed by a scissor-wielding stranger with whom you’re about to share your deepest, darkest secrets. (Seriously, why is it that we get in the hairdresser’s chair and suddenly find ourselves with a case of personal word diarrhea? But I digress …)

Check that “I’ll do it someday” item off your list. 

Is it trying the burger-topped Bloody Mary at that swanky, new gastropub? Signing up for rock-climbing classes? Calling your Aunt Belinda and thanking her for the birthday card and the uh, beautiful sweater? Whatever that one thing is you haven’t found time for, maybe decide today is the day you finally get it done. Or don’t. The coolest thing about having choices this long Labor Day Weekend is that they’re yours alone to make.
Anything to add? Share your suggestions for a low-key LDW in the comments …

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