An idea for a short story emerged, followed closely by furious typing, then trepidations and finally, the click. Publish. A last thought, even as the words went spiraling into the darkest and brightest ethers of the digital unknown: “Would anyone really want to read this?”

They did. little word studio was born.

The company that began as an award-winning blog is now a content marketing machine, trusted by brands large and small to craft stories about who they are and why they matter. Our clients range from multi-million-dollar startups to Fortune 500 brands, and span the real estate, technology, fitness, food/wine/spirits and entertainment industries. 

So have a look around and please tell us what you think.

We’ll wait riiiight here, ready to create something unique, imaginative and unforgettable with you in our studio made from little words.


Founder/CEO, little word studio

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