It began on the back porch of an apartment in Irvine. An idea for a short story emerged, followed closely by furious typing, then trepidations, skittish as a summer wind, and finally, the click. Publish. A last thought while the words went spiraling into the internet unknown: “Would anyone want to read this?”

They did. little word studio was born.

The company that started from an award-winning blog (named top short fiction and top personal content by WordPress) is now a creative marketing agency, trusted by brands large and small to create stories about who they are and why they matter.

Today, our clients range from multi-million-dollar startups to Fortune 500 brands, as well as the executives who lead them. With a focus on real estate and tech startups, little word studio also covers the fitness, food/wine/spirits and entertainment industries. 

So, whether you knocked on our digital door to read or else to investigate hand-crafted creative content, welcome. Glad you’re here in the studio and please get in touch if you need a thing (or two) made from little words.


Founder/CEO, little word studio