To All The Books I’ve Written Before

Well, hi again. I’m trying to get back on here at least once per week in 2019. You deserve better than a blank blog with nothing to read. So, please, hold me to it. Last time we spoke I shared my 10 goals for 2019 but one of the goals I forgot to include in my goal-sharing post (face-slam emoji) …

Message for a New Year

What’s a late-December blog post without a few words to take with you into the new year? Nothing, I tell ya! Nothing. So, here are mine:

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The One Where I Wrote A Magazine

Well, yes. I am back to blogging, in case last week’s little holiday story didn’t tip you off to the (hopefully?) good news. So, here I am with more news. In the hiatus, I was still writing, and I wanted to share with you what that writing became, which is an 80-page magazine called West Oceanfront, filled with stories about …

How About That

Dear Sir, My apologies that this awful news arrives so close to the holidays but I had some difficulty tracking you down. Your friend, Mme. Valentina Velasquez, has died. Her death was sudden, unexpected but painless, if that eases your mind in any way, and I do hope it does. I know you two had become quite close over the …


Grape Expectations (Or When Doing Good Goes Bad)

I’m on a mission. Navigating the waters of my existence like a swashbuckling sailor, I’ve let feelings guide me instead of following some reliable, boring North Star. And what I’ve discovered along this mission is that it feels good to make someone else happy. So, with my boat lilting against the early autumn wind, I took off in the direction of a …

On Office Space and Creative Vulnerability

Hello. This weekend I embarked on a small but significant project: I carved out a little corner of my apartment and created an office space all my own. The desk, to be honest, was my first hurdle. It came Friday in an imposing box exactly 400 times the size of my 11-lb. dog, Austin, and once opened, contained about five …


‘The Bill Murray Stories’ Shares Tales of the Enlightened Star

Thich Nhat Hanh, a 91-year-old Vietnamese monk and Noble Peace Prize nominee once said that if, while washing dishes, we aren’t mindful of the fact that we are washing dishes then “we are completely incapable of realizing the miracle of life while standing at the sink.” Hanh advocates for complete mindfulness of the present moment, to find joy even in …


Brunch Boys’ Founder Jeremy Jacobowitz Talks Food, First Dates and Food

When you get right down to it, there are really only two kinds of people in this world: those who brunch and those who do not. I don’t mean to generalize here but generally, Non-Brunchers are pretty easy to spot in a crowd. They’re the ones who take 17 different spin classes before noon on a Saturday, wear ripped, graphic tees …

My Five Worst Writing Habits (And How You Can Avoid Them)

[This post was originally published a few months ago but I wanted to resurrect it because (if you couldn’t tell) I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump and thought it best to revisit my bad habits in order to create some good ones.]  There’s a troubling dichotomy that exists in the mind of a writer between thinking what …

sticky shaw laventinas

The Art of Sticky Shaw

The first time we texted, Sticky Shaw was driving to Mammoth. The second time, he was there, on the mountain, taking a powder break and ready to talk. I didn’t know his real name (it might be Sticky Shaw after all) or much about him, I just found his work—a Berlin Fox stenciled into the sidewalk by Crab Cooker—and emailed him, …