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Revelation Underground

Posted by melissa kandel on February 23, 2017 in Fiction | 2 Comments

Making its way toward 59th Street, the subway was but a metal serpent slinking beneath Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Moments before, the doors of the 1 Train had slid open and four or five sleepy passengers emerged, settling with their foil-wrapped deli lunches onto blue plastic seats. It was the dance of the morning commuter […]

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Valentine’s Day Aftermath: A Note On Love

Posted by melissa kandel on February 16, 2017 in Personal, romance | 1 Comment

Irrelevance—like its more evil and twisted stepsister, irreverence—is a term not often price-tagged to the present of love. But in a recent story published by Man Repeller’s Amelia Diamond, the word is affixed to that very topic, more specifically to the idea of love’s most debilitating strain: amore unrequitedare (or something Latin-sounding and ominous). Why do respectable […]

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Pizza Cat

Posted by melissa kandel on February 14, 2017 in creativity, Fiction | No Comments

I did not feel very Monday Warbly tonight so instead here is a strange tale I wrote about a food kind of animal … enjoy? – Melis The rumors are true. The Pizza Cat is real. How do I know, you might ask, skeptical gleam in your eye, that such a creature exists? Have I […]

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The Big Secret

Posted by melissa kandel on February 11, 2017 in Fiction | 1 Comment

Rat-a-tat-tat went longish nails on old wood. She sat at the time-abandoned Rathskeller Pub, waiting. Three tall jack-and-cokes into her Sunday afternoon, the strange man finally arrived, a wiry figure dappled in late-day shadows. The man looked almost wizardly with a long, white beard and smooth, white hair woven into a single braid that reached […]

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An Interview Near Signal Street

Posted by melissa kandel on February 9, 2017 in comedy, Fiction | 1 Comment

By Melissa Kandel The subway car came to an abrupt halt. “Signal Street!” With a polite nod to the plumpish redhead whose morose stares he had endured for the larger part of his 57-minute trip from Eagleshead to Signal Street—“So sorry miss, didn’t mean to bump you there,”—Daniel Plinkers departed the car, feeling confident and […]

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The Figaro

Posted by melissa kandel on February 8, 2017 in Fiction, travel | 5 Comments

By Melissa Kandel Of all the details to remember, her hands were still the clearest in his mind. Unpolished nails of otherworldly innocence, intoxication by way of ten fingers and smooth skin and a wrist circled with Rolex Sky-Dweller gold, limited edition. Back to her hands. What did he later call them, windows to her […]

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Night Flight of The Sheep

Posted by melissa kandel on February 7, 2017 in art, comedy, creativity, Fiction | No Comments

“ … and, should the symptoms of sleeplessness persist, a patient may attempt any number of psychologically soothing exercises … lulling the mind to a more restful state of being … the most popular and effective of these called ‘counting sheep,’ wherein the patient, with eyes closed, begins enumerating sheep as if the beasts were […]

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Monday Warbles: Have Things Become Too Perfect?

Posted by melissa kandel on February 7, 2017 in creativity, Monday Warbles | 2 Comments

Maybe I’ve just got a bad case of the Monday blues but I’m feeling an epic wave of blah-ness tonight. Scampering my fingertips across the Internet isn’t helping either; the place is stockpiled with an overwhelming prevalence of shiny stuff and it’s kiiiind of boring in its glitter-coated, uninspiring perfection.

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Posted by melissa kandel on February 5, 2017 in creativity, Fiction, travel | 5 Comments

By Melissa Kandel Yosemite My name is Yosemite. I’m five feet, six inches tall with a reddish tint to my hair, a long beard that I never comb and green-blue eyes that are noticeably two different sizes. I only shower on Thursdays, smoke at least five cigarettes a day and eat my cereal each morning […]

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Thank You WordPress

Posted by melissa kandel on February 3, 2017 in art, creativity, On Writing | 2 Comments

Just because you’re a needle in a haystack or a pea beneath a thick mattress doesn’t mean that needle-you won’t be found or pea-you can’t be felt. Here’s the proof: A few days ago I received a surprising email from Michelle, the self-proclaimed Chief Semicolon Advocate at WordPress; I use the site to host this very […]

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