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Dear December

Posted by melissa kandel on December 19, 2015 in Fiction | No Comments

By Melissa Marni “Uh oh.” “What?” “Nothing.” “Then why’d you say ‘uh oh.’” “No reason.” “No reason? You said ‘uh oh’ just because?” “Exactly. It’s a fun thing to say.” “It’s not.” “It is. Lighten up!” “Not cool, Josephine. You know I’m sensitive about being so damn yellow.”

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The Art Director

Posted by melissa kandel on December 8, 2015 in Fiction | 4 Comments

It was late in the day, the light tinny and waxen, a final push of sunshine before darkness. But morning or midnight, the time mattered little to a broody art director named Simon; every molecule of air around the Sour Milk Gallery had been curdled with failure for weeks. He lit a cigarette and shuffled across […]

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