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Posted by melissa kandel on January 29, 2015 in Fiction | 2 Comments

Two blocks due north from the sharpest bend of the Chesapeake River sat a small brownstone apartment home with three broken blue shutters that lilted and groaned in the wind. Much to the chagrin of Mr. Rodolpho Rinnovo, the ever-corpulent owner of the apartment home, these blue shutters had been replaced three years before – […]

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Posted by melissa kandel on January 20, 2015 in Fiction | 1 Comment

“The most useful of the natural sciences, yet the least advanced, strikes me as being the science of man.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau Emilie Valentin watched the early morning light, filmy and thin, escape from her drawing room window as she took a third and final drag on her half-finished cigarette. She wasn’t a smoker – […]

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Posted by melissa kandel on January 19, 2015 in Fiction | 2 Comments

[This story is part of an ongoing project called little word art, artistic collaborations with various passionate and talented illustrators from around the world. Learn more about this artist here.] The first time Leander fell in love, it was in complete darkness. This was also the only time he ever fell in love, so it would be […]

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Posted by melissa kandel on January 13, 2015 in Fiction | 1 Comment

“Our mission is to correct only the most flagrant name confusions, leaving undisturbed much that is to be regretted but can be endured.” – Charles Murdock Benedict Brown didn’t think himself capable of admiring anyone more than he did Mr. Charles A. Murdock, chairman of the 1909 San Francisco street naming commission, a group whose […]

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Posted by melissa kandel on January 10, 2015 in Fiction | 3 Comments

Her name was Annalee. I say was because she’s no longer with us but you should know she was my Aunt Annalee and was forever saying strange things to me like, “you’ll never understand what’s sitting inside or outside the ocean, so the best you can do is try.” “Yes, Aunt Annalee,” I’d reply, unsure […]

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Posted by melissa kandel on January 3, 2015 in Photography | 2 Comments

The bad news: In honor of the new year celebrations, there will be no new story this week. The best news: Starting Sunday, Jan. 11, tiny tales are coming your way each and every week of 2015. Need to catch up on all the tiny tales? Click here. Also, for more photos, check out little word studio on […]

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