Winter Recipe: Coffee Squash

Coffee squash? Squash coffee? No matter how you mash it, the combo sounds a little weird. Stick with me on this one, friends, we’ve got places to go and butternut squash to eat this winter. Here’s the deal: I love this recipe because it’s 1. Easy to make. 2. An unexpected duo of flavors that party like nobody’s business in …

Sick Soup Cures All

In case you’ve been wondering about the radio silence from me, I currently have the flu. Aches, fever, chills, gang’s all here! Anyway, I posted last flu season about an amazing soup I make whenever I’m feeling sick (or just feeling like I need something healthy and hearty) so I’m reposting it again in case this change of season has …


My Secret Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Back when I lived in New York, there was a particular chocolate chip cookie recipe that was asked for at every birthday party and half-birthday party and fake birthday party there ever was. The recipe had been mine alone, as everyone knew, and “Melissa’s Cookies” were perfected over years of burned cookie edges, too-melted chocolate and raw-dough centers. Once I …

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Summer French Toast for a Light and Easy Morning

“For Daisy Ree” the bench read, as if there was no one else whose name could find itself etched into the old, snarled wood. June had already breathed in and out of a midsummer in mid-July, the late-night darkness was already glazed with gray dawn. Staying up until the sun rose across the empty beach wasn’t particularly in the plan …


Pasta with Basil & Chives in Jalapeño Red Wine Reduction Sauce

My Winter Flu Soup was such an unexpected hit, I figured it’s only right to keep the food trend going with a hearty pasta dish. Make no holiday mistake about it, this is a wintry meal and it’s made to be enjoyed in your coziest wool socks and old, soft sweatshirt as you twirl the delicate strands of pasta around your fork, …


The Winter Flu Soup

Well, I have the flu. Cough, runny nose, sore throat … the whole gang’s here. Yay? So, for today’s post I thought I’d do something timely and share with you my aunt’s recipe for a vegetable soup that is as hearty as it is healthy. Without further ado …