We’d love to work with you! But what does working with us mean? Well, it means we collaborate together to create customized content and marketing solutions to help you strategize, execute and achieve your specific goals. OK that sounds good, you say, except HOW? Let us count the ways … Content
  • Crafting your brand story
  • Writing and/or editing website copy, ad copy, company newsletters and other marketing materials
  • Blogging on behalf of your company
  • Creating SEO-optimized content for blog posts, landing pages and websites
  • Putting together targeted social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Creating brand videos (from script writing to the final video package) for testimonials, social media and ads
  • Writing business plans for use by brand leaders and/or potential investors
  • Crafting short- and long-form scripts for brand videos
  • Ghostwriting short- and long-form editorials on behalf of senior executives and brand leaders
  • Editing websites, marketing materials, brand books, and internal and external communications
  • Building, writing and distributing branded newsletters
  • Organizing social media and digital marketing efforts around a company event or conference
  • Covering a conference or large-scale event via social media on behalf of a company or brand
Social Media
  • Building and managing social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Putting together short- and long-term social media strategies that align with specific and measurable business goals
  • Creating Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat advertising campaigns to generate business leads and support your company’s objectives
Digital Strategy
  • Implementing web and digital strategy, including providing guidance on marketing stack, international expansion, domain consolidation and marketing automation integration
  • Assisting with UX and conversion rate optimization to create a user experience that improves website engagement
  • Analyzing wireframes, prototypes and behavior flows
  • Optimizing paid marketing campaigns to generate a desired and quantifiable ROI
  • Continuous testing of landing pages to optimize lead generation
  • Crafting an effective SEO strategy that includes website optimization recommendations, Google Analytics data analysis and recommendations and keyword performance reports
  • Creating a meaningful set of web metrics that correctly conveys the success of marketing programs, including deep analysis, behavior flow, analytics audits and custom report generation
  • Consulting on content strategies and content marketing
  • Creating customized 1-2 hour sessions on marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and more.
  • Consulting on public relations and media outreach
Public Relations
  • Leveraging local and national media outlets to score earned media coverage
  • Creating a customized public relations strategy to target local, national and international media outlets
  • Crafting press releases, media advisories and executive talking points for industry-specific, local, regional, national and international distribution
  • Working with distribution platforms like Business Wire, PRWeb and Meltwater to send, target and track press releases
Web Design
  • Building a fully mobile-optimized website with customized functionality and design
  • Website functionality can include MLS integration
Business Training
  • Customized presentations and training on business-building, leadership and real estate by veteran sales mastermind Debbie Gallant. Training topics include: killer shark listing presentations, the art of asking the right question, redefining your brand story, creating a life balance, understanding your clients, coaching basics, on-boarding the right talent, in search of profit business planning, maximizing an open house, new construction (horizontal process, vertical process, sales and marketing), top ten tips for working with builders and more.
  • Professional photography from a photographer that shoots for the Academy Awards, the Dodgers (official photographer), ABC News and Ford
  • Drone photography available from FAA-certified (Remote Pilot Certified) instructors
  • Video solutions for product and sales videos, brand story videos, event videos, high-quality livestreaming and more
  • Drone videography available from FAA-certified (Remote Pilot Certified) instructors