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Long ago one April afternoon, in a library far, far away, a quiet bibliophile, nose between a Longfellow and a Wordsworth, looked up from her thick, dusty book of poems and declared, “We shall henceforth call this month, ‘National Poetry Month.'” And so it was.
OK, not really. But that’s how I like to imagine it went that April officially became National Poetry Month. So today, I’m celebrating the holiday with five little word studio stories from the archives that all contain verses both rhyme-less and in rhyme: 
The Big Secret: A story written in collaboration with photographer Stephen Ippolito about a magical tree and a woman tasked with figuring out what she should wish upon it.
O! Listen now and you shall see / A tale spun true with falsity / For if you seek you can’t fly free/ Or know the one you’ll never be/ But if you live and love like me / You’ll wonder why/ There is a tree. 
To The Birds: A woman struggles with the loss of her husband … but is he really gone for good or has he just gone to to the birds? (Inspired by artwork from Faraway Joe.)

To the birds
To the birds
An awakening sorrow
To the birds
To the birds
My soul shall borrow
Until little remains
Save their troubadour song
To the birds
To the birds
Or to me
All along.
Little Coffee Story: A woman recounts her magical, mystical time spent between drops of rain … all while drinking coffee. (Written to the art of Cinzia Bolognesi.)

 “Meet me between the sycamore trees and the biggest, roundest two raindrops.”
[MELISSA MARNI is a Southern California-based writer and the founder of little word studio. You can follow her musings on Instagram here.]

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