Monday Warbles: Socks on a Plane

Some people are winners and some, like me, are not. I don’t mean it in the professional or even personal sense, I mean winners in the literal sense of being a winner; to win stuff. Anyway, this whole topic of winningless-ness brings me to yesterday, when miraculously, I won something!

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LehrerBoys: A Conversation on Creativity, Censorship and Just Getting It Done

My heart is officially broken, split in two between a pair of identical twins named Daniel and Jeremy Lehrer. Sigh.

The boys, a duo better known as @lehrerboys on Instagram and Facebook, crank out cartoons that are so clever, you’ll instantaneously fall in love with their creations then wonder what life was like before their colorful comics galavanted across your feed each day. (Answer: unfunny and a total bore.)

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Valentine’s Day Aftermath: A Note On Love

Irrelevance—like its more evil and twisted stepsister, irreverence—is a term not often price-tagged to the present of love. But in a recent story published by Man Repeller‘s Amelia Diamond, the word is affixed to that very topic, more specifically to the idea of love’s most debilitating strain: amore unrequitedare (or something Latin-sounding and ominous).

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Discarded Post-it Poetry: An Idea That Sticks

We met in the most unexpected way. And while I guess great love affairs do often spring from the auspiciously unusual, I’d suspect none involve quite so much dog poop as this.

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On Writing on Wednesday: Passion

So … passion. That’s the theme for today’s post and fair warning, what I say might sound a bit harsh. Ready? Here’s the truth: Without passion, you’ll stagnate in the mire of predictability and, wading in this thin, muddled pond with your boring yellow raincoat and boring rubber boots, will produce nothing too extraordinary beyond a few splashes easily wiped away and even more easily forgotten. Writing—substitute here any creative endeavor—has to be not a shallow pond to ramble through but a tidal wave, a tsunami, an idea to ride as if your very life depended on it …

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write for you

On Writing on Wednesday: Write for You

The minute you start writing for anyone other than yourself is the minute you lose the kind of authenticity that will make your writing great.

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On Writing on Wednesday: Be Your Own Worst Critic

There’s a troubling dichotomy that exists in the mind of a writer between thinking what you’ve just crafted is the most brilliant prose to brush against the blank page and wanting to run so far away from your own writing you reach a distant land where words don’t exist and people communicate using only their left eyebrow.

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On Writing on Wednesday: If It Makes You Happy

Before we get to today’s advice for the second of five posts in the On Writing, On Wednesday series, let’s toss the large elephant out of the room. Then we should apologize for being so rude to an elephant and then also apologize because elephants are endangered and why the heck are we keeping one in our room anyway?

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On Writing on Wednesday: The Very First Line

The first of a five-part series that (most obviously) is all about writing and posted on Wednesday.

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The Surprising Ways Successful Screenwriters Find Inspiration 

Six crazy-successful writers spill the truth about their weird writing ways …

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Five Ways to Inspire Creativity from a Master Storyteller

If Isabel Allende was applying for the job of world’s most popular Spanish-language author, she’d totally crush it. Because let’s be real … she probably is.

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