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“There is no courage without fear.”

The 19th anniversary of 9/11, my father deploying again, the current conversations highlighting good versus evil in our society and the many doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly through COVID-19 and other surgeries like my most recent knee surgery have inspired me more than I could ever express. Read More

California Wildfires: How to Help

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Though our team is dispersed from coast to coast, we were founded (and are based) in Newport Beach, California … and with the state currently experiencing devastating wildfires, we want to do our part to help. Gabrielle Katz, little word studio intern, put together a comprehensive list of resources if you’d like to contribute in any way to this cause. Read More

Cozy Playlist: little word sounds vol. 3

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As we round our own sharp corners into the soft turtlenecks of autumn, a cozy playlist for your listening pleasure: Read More

little word sounds vol. 2

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And for our next trick, tasty tunes to keep you humming and happy. Cruel summer, who? 

Yes, this week’s playlist is all about the happy – getting happy, staying happy, figuring out what makes you happy then realizing that sometimes the person who makes you happiest is you.

Featured artists: Ben Rector, Johnnyswim, Allman Brown, Patrick Droney, Jon Bryant, Lowland Hum, Little Chief, Josh Kelley, Nathan Angelo, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Cody Fry, VACAY, Ed Patrick, The Happy Fits and Clay Finnesand.

little word sounds vol. 2

How to Fix Your Bike and Solve Your Business Problems

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It was a sticky, hot Saturday morning. The back tire of my bicycle had sprung a leak, so I stood sweating outside the local bike repair, an admirably scruffy shop wedged between a bakery and a tattoo parlor. Read More

The Van That Mrs. Westphalia Bought

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Mrs. Westphalia sipped her tea. She was getting very good, almost expert level, at making tea on the black varnished stove top shoved between the washing machine and her nightstand. Read More

Modernizing My Bedroom with AllModern

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By Heatherly Grace Shepherd

In the spirit of breathing new life into a room (c/o AllModern), I’ve recently been re-thinking my own space. Though my childhood nickname was HGTV and I, for as long as I can remember, have had a deep infatuation with David Bromstad, I am not a designer in the slightest. I have had ample opportunity to express my latent passion for interior decorating in each of the many houses my military family has occupied. Also, apartment switches each year of college always meant a chance to redecorate anew. Still, I was never was able to turn my fantasies into livable, fantastic realities. So, with all the time at home quarantine has granted me, I have made it my mission to give my new place the best Property Brothers experience I can … starting with my bedroom. Read More

Morning Music Vol. 1

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I‘ve read the books. I understand the theories. Sometimes it’s just hard to get going in the morning. Yes, a solid morning routine sets you up for a productive day except when the day is the night is the what time is it now??? even the most deeply learned routines begin to fizzle. Read More

Writing about Wine

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If you can write about anything, why not write about wine? At least that’s what I was thinking when I scripted this six-minute video. Written for Sodaro Estate Winery, a high-end boutique winemaking operation in Napa, California, it tells the tale of world-class wine from grape to glass. Read More

Elemental Women Productions: An Interview on Success, Failure and Old Motels

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I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the team at Elemental Women Productions, a New York City-based production company. Elemental Women Productions creates work for theater, film and other formats that empowers womxn’s voices while exploring, developing and sharing their stories with the world.  Read More