Let’s Talk About SEO

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SEO has been all the buzz following Google’s latest Core Update rollout. What does that mean for you? Let’s talk about it.

Google gave us some answers, easing concerns that we would have to completely shift our approaches to SEO. Fortunately, we don’t. Unfortunately, we can’t. They compare this update to a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. When the 2019 list comes out, the rankings will have changed as the judging criteria and competing content evolve. They advise us to focus on double-checking our SEO and perfecting our content. Read More

In the River of Watered-down Oatmeal

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I didn’t correct him at the time. How could I? We were barely friends. It was a message overheard, like some piece of rotten seaweed floating in the river of his discontent, and I wasn’t about to fish it out then kindly request he stop telling lies. And was it even a lie? Anything can be a lie if it diverts from your idea of truth. Here’s (basically) what was said:

I’ll never write for a brand again, no matter how many times they ask. Writing for a brand is like watered-down oatmeal. There’s no creativity in it at all. Read More

Real Living On Demand Recap: A Live Q&A

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The ring light was slightly too far left. The computer, a little to the right. The exactitude of setting up an at-home studio felt far from exhausting, it actually helped build excitement about speaking on air. This time, I was scheduled to talk about content, and how the perks of good content can, like a catchy tune in a dimly lit karaoke bar, make your business sing.   

A few weeks ago, the team at Real Living Real Estate reached out with a request to participate in a live, virtual Q&A during the second (and final) General Session of the Real Living On Demand national conference. In the crush of infinite lessons 2020 doled my way, virtual presentations talking into a computer and making it feel like you’re catching up with your best friend was definitely one of them. I feel pretty comfortable now with the gloss of my laptop screen, and even manage to keep my awkward hand movements under control, at least for the span of a 30-minute presentation. 

This Real Living Q&A was a whir of really good questions and (hopefully) my sufficient answers. If you missed the session, I wanted to recap a few responses, in case they might help you out in your own world of content and words: Read More

An AllModern Take On Mid-Century Modern

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Pulling into the drive, lumbering through the door and around hallway corners, clambering up the stairs and flopping onto my bed is absolutely the best part of my day. With my calendar overflowing and commitments never-ending, the serenity of my mid-century modern bedroom à la AllModern is a welcomed escape. Read More

Crucial Conversations: A Chat with Nikita Lawrence

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By Haven Snively

If we know anything here at little word studio, it’s that words can make a difference. So, this year, let’s talk. Let’s get to know the rule-breakers and the world-changers, whose little words become really big ideas. Read More

Monday Morning with Melissa

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The beginning of a new year, the blooming of a new season, the acquisition of new followers … all call for the reintroduction of our Founder, CEO and Creative Captain, Melissa Kandel! You’ve read the story of little word studio here, and you’ve read what we do here … now, you can read behind-the-scenes of Melissa’s success both in and out of the office. Read More

Let’s Get Philosophical

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By Kendall Zwang

Two goldfish are swimming together in a fishbowl. One fish swims up to the other fish and says, “Ah, the water is warm today.” The other fish responds, “Yes, quite …” The fish then exclaims, “Wait! We’re in WATER?!”

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A Sneak Peek …

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A new year, a new vibe. Read More

Melissa Kandel Named as a 2021 Member of the Forbes Communications Council

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Press Release for Member Distribution

Melissa Kandel Named as a 2021 Member of the Forbes Communications Council

*Forbes Communications ***Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Senior-level Executives in Communications, Marketing, and PR.

Newport Beach, Calif. (Jan. 6, 2021) — Melissa Kandel, founder and CEO of boutique creative marketing agency little word studio and co-founder of Wavemakers Media Group, is a 2021 member of the Forbes Communications Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level executives in communications, marketing and public relations.

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The Business of Business in 2020

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2020 has been a year of change, growth, regression, experimentation and adaptation. With December coming to a wrap and January speedily approaching, let’s reflect on the new “business as usual” mindset we’ve developed in response to COVID-19, working from home while navigating the unexpected expectations of online performance.

Digital is arguably the most impactful component to the success or setbacks of a given industry. Mary Meeker’s 2020 Coronavirus Trends Report cited advancements, improvements or simply increased use of technology across a variety of industries that helped them survive. A surge in tech usage allowed healthcare, corporate offices, engagement-reliant businesses (like entertainment or fitness) and on-demand businesses to thrive despite restrictions and shortages.

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