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WRDSMTH: A Conversation with the Street Art Scribe

Good writers aspire to greatness. Great writers aspire to instill greatness upon others. Such is the case with Los Angeles-based street artist WRDSMTH, whose work can be seen everywhere from electrical boxes in Venice, CA to the cobbled walkways of Shoreditch, London.

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jenn gietzen: #artistgoals

jenn gietzen is about to become your new insta-bestie faster than you can say “taco tuesday with free sangria.” she’s the founder/artist behind write on! design, a full-service design studio in atlanta that churns out seriously awesome stuff. also, she doesn’t use caps when she writes and because everything this girl touches is obviously deemed cool, neither will i.

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Artist Brett Reif Finds The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Brett Reif is not just a Kansas City-based artist specializing in non-traditional wall work, sculpture and installation, as one might discern from a quick perusal of his biography. He’s a veritable modern-day artistic philosopher, wielding wisdom as he welds and shapes his characteristically evocative work.

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10 Street Artists to Follow … To the Ends of the Earth

No longer is street art performed under the cloak of darkness, spray paint in hand, by talented artists whose work isn’t just revolutionary, it’s downright illegal. These days, cities commission street artists to brighten up buildings and parks with their creations and the result, the official crosswalk of art and public space, is mind-blowingly incredible.

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LEHRERBOYS: A Conversation on Creativity, Censorship and Just Getting It Done 

My heart is officially broken, split in two between a pair of identical twins named Daniel and Jeremy Lehrer. Sigh.

The boys, a duo better known as @lehrerboys on Instagram and Facebook, crank out cartoons that are so clever, you’ll instantaneously fall in love with their creations then wonder what life was like before their colorful comics galavanted across your feed each day. (Answer: unfunny and a total bore.)

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Runway # 6, oil on canvas, 1986 by Luke Reichle

Runway # 6, oil on canvas, 1986 by Luke Reichle

Famed Costume Designer Luke Reichle On Art, Fashion and Sartorial Storytelling

In which I talk to brilliant costume designer/fine artist Luke Reichle and in re-reading his answers to my questions while creating this post, sense his creative, electric energy with such fervent palpability, it practically buzzes off my computer screen and makes me feel all sorts of inspired …

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Discarded Post-it Poetry: An Idea That Sticks

We met in the most unexpected way. And while I guess great love affairs do often spring from the auspiciously unusual, I’d suspect none involve quite so much dog poop as this.

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Celebs on Sandwiches: Why Fame and French Bread May Be Hollywood’s New ‘It’ Couple 

The greatest thing about Instagram sensation, Celebs on Sandwiches, isn’t its beautifully sketched renderings of celebrities. Or its sandwiches.

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This Art is the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

The world of celebrity-food Instagram accounts is as unpredictable as it is delicious. Musicians are dangled atop brioche buns, Meryl Streep becomes a condiment to taste inside a taco, what’s bad for you is good—hello, cupcakes and pizza!—and to be a dead celebrity is to be very much alive … in a digital, Instagrammy sort of way.

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Here is Meryl Streep’s Best (Sushi) Roll Yet

Let’s run away together to a world of adventure, where popcorn and cupcakes are basic food groups and Meryl Streep luxuriating inside a tall glass of pink lemonade is considered art. Oh wait, that last one’s already a thing.

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