Morning Music Vol. 1

Posted by melissa kandel on August 13, 2020 in music | No Comments

I‘ve read the books. I understand the theories. Sometimes it’s just hard to get going in the morning. Yes, a solid morning routine sets you up for a productive day except when the day is the night is the what time is it now??? even the most deeply learned routines begin to fizzle.

Coffee helps, as does some light morning exercise. (I’ve been stretching to this video lately.) But for me, what really does the trick is music. Admittedly, I’m a terrible surfer but music in the morning grants the same invigorating energy as paddling out in the thin, morning light and sitting in the water as the sun rises. Catching an actual wave is a whole other story …

Anyway, if you’re not near the ocean or you can’t ride waves like a fearless surfer conquering The Wedge, (and really, who can?) here’s a morning playlist for easing gently into your day.

If you like the playlist, drop a comment and let me know. Maybe we call it “little word songs” and I can put together a few more? Up to you, friends …

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