Bottled Poetry

A few months ago, my friends at Rafiki Creative asked if I’d like to script the voice over for a video they were producing to showcase a high-end winery in Napa Valley and its intricate wine-making process. I agreed, almost immediately, because 1. WINE and 2. WINE. Also, script writing has long been an endeavor I’ve waded in, toes curled and shallow water splashing, but never actually took the deep dive to fully explore until now.

So here is my first deep dive, a six-minute video about the process of making world-class wine. Produced and directed by Rafiki Creative, the video details the entire endeavor end-to-end; from planning the vineyard and inspecting the soil composition of the terroir to plucking the grapes from the vines at dawn then spending years coaxing their flavors to perfection. The cinematography was all done on location by the Rafiki crew, using a combination of fancy cameras and drones.



  1. Dang girl. You never cease to freaking amaze! What makes that wine unique, you captured it, you spelled it out. I’m not usually a big wine drinker, but right now, I need one of those bottles, right now!

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