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California Wild Fires: How You Can Help

As you read these words, Northern California is suffering from one of the worst wild fires in the state’s history. So what can you do–yes you in the townhouse in Manhattan, the mountain lodge in Breckenridge, the flat in London–to help? And will it really make a difference? Related: I’m a firm believer that a small contribution is far better than no contribution at all. 

Today I became aware of an initiative by the San Francisco-based artists behind 3 Fish Studios (Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer) to donate 100% of all proceeds from archival prints sold today and tomorrow to relief efforts for those devastated by the wild fires in Northern California. (Thanks for the tip, David Pell, managing editor, the internet.) You can view all the prints HERE

Also, here’s a sample of the studio’s super rad art:

Doodle 201. Cat Halloween. #365anniedoodles

A post shared by 3 Fish Studios (@3fishstudios) on

Doodle 199. The bad influence. #365anniedoodles

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New cut! #californiathriving

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So, if you’ve been watching the news with horror, viewing the Apocolyptic-like images of burned neighborhoods in Sonoma and Napa Valley with grief, then consider buying one of 3 Fish Studios’ beautiful prints and showing those whose world has turned to fire and ash that they are not alone.

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