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Lehrerboys + Ron Eshel Collaboration Set to Familiar Words

[Image via Instagram.com/lehrerboys]

I once wrote the Lehrerboys broke my heart and they’ve done it again. And I couldn’t be happier. Here’s the scoop …

A few weeks ago, I received an inquiry from Ron Eshel, photographer to big brands like Speedo, Mastercard, Reebok, and moment-capturer of human stars that shine widely—hello to a banana-tee-shirt-wearing Adrian Grenier—throughout the world or simply shine.

Ron wanted to know if he could use my words to accompany photographs he took of the Daniel and Jeremy Lehrer, comics who’ve quickly racked up a 30K+ following on Instagram as the eponymous @lehrerboys. The concept for Ron’s project? A series of images with a gritty, witty behind-the-scenes feel as outrageous as the brothers’ work itself. 

“I’ve known the Lehrerboys forever,” Ron told me. “I’m neighbors of their parents … a fortunate coincidence.”

Ron said he’d been wanting to shoot the brothers’ portrait for a while and when the opportunity finally came, he grabbed it. (If you haven’t experienced the art of hilarity as drawn by this duo, well, you should. Maybe start by checking out this latest iteration of awesome absurdity then keep on scrolling from there …)

“I’m super happy with the results,” said Ron about the outcome of the project, recently published on roneshel.com.

And to that I say: ditto. My lil’ words hanging out next to not one but three creative talents? Yep, count me in every single time.

View Ron’s complete Lehrerboys project here.

[Image via roneshel.com]

Melissa Kandel is a Southern California-based writer and the founder/president of little word studio, a creative content marketing and digital media agency. If you really want, you can follow little word studio on Instagram.

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