Guns N’ Roses and Other Rosy News

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Monday isn’t for the birds … it’s for the roses. Much seems to converge around the red flower today, from breaking music news to preparations for an upcoming holiday when the fruits of nature’s labor are celebrated worldwide. Here’s the rosy round-up:

Guns N’ Roses delivered a wilted performance at Coachella this weekend. It’s never good when Esquire likens a concert to the awkward experience of “watching someone’s dad singing along to the classic rock radio station in the car.”

But lead singer Axl Rose will return to the mic for AC/DC anyway! Axl is set to join AC/DC‘s “Rock or Bust” world tour, replacing current singer, Brian Johnson, who is stepping off the stage due to hearing loss. Except this is confusing because Axl is also injured with a broken foot but perhaps he can strap Dave Grohl’s epic rock ‘n’ roll throne to the back of the tour bus and let the show go on. Also, if rock legend Alice Cooper says the Axl + AC/DC collaboration “just might work,” we’ve got to trust him.



In non-music news, Earth Day is almost here and Apple has already stopped to smell the roses with its worldwide #AppsForEarth initiative. “Apple stores around the world go green to raise awareness for conservation and the environment,” tweeted Apple Retail Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts, and she literally means go green. Stop into an Apple store this week and you’ll notice employees wearing bright green tees and that the company’s iconic white logo is now adorned with a brand-new green leaf accent. (Also, in the spirit of Earth Day I’m honoring our planet this Friday by writing a special story for e-magazine Citizen Brooklyn in collaboration with the legend of wave photography, Cameron McFarlane.)

Follow me here: The rose is the official flower of the U.S. and Patriot’s Day—a celebration of American historyjust kicked off in Boston. It started this morning with a re-enactment of the 1775 Battle of Lexington in the Boston Common and continued with the triumphant return of the Boston Marathon, won by Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia on the women’s side and fellow Ethiopian Lemi Berhanu Hayle, who took first place for the men.

See? Told you Monday really rose to the occasion. (OK, that one was bad.)

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